New Studio Tour

Hello, hello!

First off, I apologize for being so terrible at updating this blog. With less time than ever (due to a 9 month old baby!), I tend to restrict my updating to my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

To catch everyone up, last March, at nine months pregnant with Penny, and after a series of money-devouring incidents that were out of our hands, my husband and I found ourselves without the down-payment for our first home that we had been saving up. We had plans to buy our first home between April and June, after the birth of our daughter and before our lease ended at the home we were renting. With a baby on the way, my studio and second bedroom in the home had been transformed into a nursery. Buying our first home was our answer to our expanding family, so that I could continue to work from home in my own studio space as well as raise our daughter. So, our quick answer to this problem was to run an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, which was wildly successful! The money was raised and then some, and, just in time before our lease ended, we bought our first home with enough space to suit everyone’s needs.

Cut to six months later, my studio has been in full function for quite awhile, but due to the insanity that comes with caring for a baby and managing my career, I hadn’t found enough time, energy, or motivation to finish putting the studio together beyond the essentials until yesterday. For no apparent reason, (well, maybe it was the 2015 wall calendar I just hung up) it was time to organize the space and show it off!

Of course, Penny has her own little space to play while I work!


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